Rattle Snake Coil

- Hands-free & Easy to use
- Works with ANY Cellphone
- Supports Lightning and Micro
- Sturdy, Durable & Long Lasting
- Made of High Quality Aluminum
- Flexible, Full 260 Degree Rotation
- Vertical & Horizontal Phone Viewing
- Fast Charging with Apple and Android

- Video Calls
- In-Car Navigation
- Hands-Free Calls
- Keeping an eye on sports, news and videos while doing other things.
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Are you tired of talking and holding your phone at the same time? or trying to find it while it's charging? Now get your phone off its back and charge it where you can see it with Rattlesnake Coil! The coolest new way to charge your phone! Just Uncoil and Shape, and Rattlesnake Coil becomes a Custom Base or Charging station to hold your phone wherever you need it!
Keep your phone steady at eye level for hands free reading, watching videos or "facetime" while charging or Syncing.
The secret is the lightweight tough aluminum cable and secure clip that bends and twists into any shape and the secure clip firmly keep your device locked in place.
Quickly mount and unmount your device using the interchangeable Snake head that changes from a micro USB to USB, to lightning adaptor, to USB-C adaptor in seconds.
It works with every iphone, ipod, tablet, android device and fliphone. the toughest charging cable on the planet, RattleSnake coil is super tough you'll never have to replace a cable again!
Great for the car- keep your phone close at hand for following the GPS and hands free talking. RattleSnake coil twists to any shape to hold your phone in any position. Perfect as a tripod for taking pictures or video. And when your done, the extra long RattleSnake Coil rolls up for easy storage or travel. when your hands get tired of holding your phone RattleSnake Coil holds it for you at the perfect hands-free angle.
Get Creative! the possibilities are endless! Phones can get lost in the clutter, but with RattleSnake Coil your phone is easier to see, and easier to use.
0.7 m (2.5 ft./pi.) CABLE.
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Rattle Snake Coil
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